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If your horse has arrived here, it can do so anywhere. Class I is filled with the best horses in the Metaverse. Living legends such as Insane Hymn, Ducky Mallon and Moulah Moulah can be found here. If your horse has a number greater than “80” next to its name, it must compete in Class I. It`s too good to be anywhere else. I hope he can compete with the giants, because there are a lot of them. One of the benefits of running with your horse is learning what he does best. Horses have preferred distances, so be sure to run several times at each distance to find your horse`s perfect place. Colt or stallion – You don`t have to own one, but it`s best to do it for cheaper breeding costs. Breeding in stables (private breeding) is associated with a nice discount. The breeding process takes place in the “stud farm”, where you place your male or female horse, determine the price (either you are willing to pay or you calculate) and choose the number of days. At the moment, the process is necessary, even if you breed in your own stable, but there are plans to introduce “private breeding” in the future.

. The filters at the top of the page help refine the search. Stable owners can filter by Z#, lineage, race, and then sort by current price or offers to make it easier for us. If there is a specific horse you are looking for, you can also search for it by name. So, what are you waiting for? We know everyone was interested in getting back into breeding, so visit zed.run/stud to start breeding the next championship racehorse! Note: You cannot remove your horse from the stud farm after inserting it. You need to maintain the entire length of the stud and the horse cannot be driven while it is in the stud. As we have already presented, there are four lineages in Zed Run: Nakamoto, Szabo, Finney and Buterin. Each lineage has different characteristics that affect its effectiveness on the race track. Below are the cedar descriptions for each lineage – named after the leading figures in the history of cryptocurrency. There are also Super Coats (the name may change due to the confusing name) that have a chance of appearing when two horses of the same coat color breed together. If you decide to breed in your own barn, the minimum breeding price you have set will be automatically reduced by 35%. The majority of the money collected here by ZED RUN goes into the race pots! Once you have been filtered into our specified range, you can see the horses that meet these criteria and the prices that stable owners charge to breed with them.

Remember that the female will keep the horse after paying the stud fees listed here. For more information, read the Guide to Racehorse Characteristics. “Nakamoto is the most famous thoroughbred because they are the purest racehorses that exist within ZED and are often known as the samurai breed.” These are the rarest Zed Run Genesis horses – or the only horses released by Zed – with only 2,000 ever released, which is about 5% of the Genesis population. To start your journey, here are some useful resources: Solid Thoroughbred Class. These horses earn enough to stay out of Class V, but may not be good enough to spend time with the big boys/girls. If your racehorse has a “21-40” next to its name, it can climb to Class IV. Remember that a male can conceive three children a month and a female can have one child a month, depending on the new reproductive limits. First of all, you need a virtual wallet so that you can deposit money to buy a digital thoroughbred. Use Metamask, it`s free, a popular favorite and has a web extension. In fact, this may be the only option at the moment.

So even better. Once you`ve set up your Metamask wallet, keep your starting phrase in a safe place. Don`t give your seed phrase to anyone. I can`t stress this point enough, please don`t fall into the trap of a fake third-party app and give your starting sentence. These are the literal keys to your wallet and anyone can access your wallet with it. With Hawku`s data filters, I search for legendary buterines. I think they`re all undervalued at the moment, especially since Zed Run said they plan to increase overall reproductive costs. Look for the family line and make sure it has good parents. I imagine parents with a win rate of 10% or more.

If it`s a buterin blend with a rarer line like Szabo or Finney, it`s even better. Good parents do not always produce good offspring, but family lineage is important. If the direct offspring is a failure, there is always the possibility that the grandchildren are stud farms. There will be a gas fee for this transaction, so keep that in mind too. You will use WETH to buy horses, participate in races and breed. It is also important to keep some ETH in your wallet to convert WETH back into ETH if you want to start the withdrawal process. After each race, a racehorse can either fall back into a lower class, stay in the same class, or move to a higher class. For example, if you own an unrunt Z5 horse (Griffin class) and it ends up in second place, the class rating after the race is 37 + 3 = 40 and starts in class 4. Stable owners have the option to bring their male racehorse (i.e. foals or stallions) to the breeding farm and set a price they deem fair. . Also note that a young horse is not physically mature enough to be bred and will have to wait 28 days after birth to be bred.

However, your new horse can be included in the races immediately. There is a slightly higher premium for female horses because you can keep the offspring when the horse breeds. Remember that the more valuable the lineage, the higher the breeding price you can get at the stud farm. The goal of ZED RUN is to keep its game as close as possible to real breeds, and this also applies to breeding. This means that although the genetic makeup may be known, there are many unknowns about how the offspring will behave along the way. . Genotype refers to the cedar number or z-number of a horse; Thoroughbreds range from Z1 (Nakamoto) to Z10 (buterin) and can reach up to Z268 by reproduction. Participation in a paid race costs WETH and you can see the distribution of the prize pool by hovering your mouse over the registration fee in the advanced view as soon as you click on a race. Entrance fees range from about $2.50 to over $400 in WETH, depending on the class you`re in.

Winners will be paid automatically shortly after the race, the WETH will go into your Zed Run wallet. Now that you have a little more context for this new space, here`s your reading course to help you understand the basics of ZED RUN. .

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